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2022 was a wild ride for Vandelay, so take a look and listen at a few of our projects that aired. From corporate to commercial to our bread and butter that is multi-crew reality, we captured the dialog for every project here...and this is just what we're allowed to showcase!


Small Towns,
Big Dreams.

Formed from the personal and professional relationship of two guys from small towns, Vandelay Sound Exports was founded with a primary goal to keep a strong work-life balance in an industry known for its demanding schedule and locations.

While we don't shy away from the long, sweaty days, it's the camaradrie and expansive team that allows us the flexibility to keep our life in check.

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Our Office

Vandelay Sound Exports, Inc.
2043 Empire Central Dr.
Dallas, TX 75235

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm


Location Sound Mixer
Location Sound Mixer
Location Sound Mixer
Location Sound Mixer