The Ultimate End-of-Day Checklist for Mixers: Wrap Like a Pro!

This article offers a comprehensive end-of-day checklist for filmmakers and production crew, ensuring that no gear or media files are left behind post-shoot. Covering everything from tracking down talent to safely handing off media, the guide differentiates between one-day shoots and long-term projects, offering tailored advice for each. Essential for both newbies and industry veterans, this article is your go-to resource for wrapping up a day on set without any hiccups.


9/10/20232 min read

The director yells, "Cut!" for the final time, and an audible sigh of relief sweeps through the set. Congratulations! You've made it through another day of shooting. Whether you're on a one-day gig or part of a longer production, the end-of-day ritual is just as important as setting up in the morning. Trust us, the last thing you want is to get home and realize you've left behind a crucial piece of gear or, worse, the day's media files. So, let's take a look at the ultimate end-of-day checklist to ensure you head home as a hero, not a zero.

The Great Gear Hunt

Talent: In the realm of filmmaking, talent has a tendency to vanish post-shoot faster than you can say "That's a wrap!" Your first mission: demic the talent. Keep a tally of all your wireless gear you get back from them. If anyone is elusive, alert a producer to help you find them.

Camera Department

Ah, the camera crew—a breed as elusive as Bigfoot at the end of a shooting day. You'll need to retrieve timecode tentacles and IFBs attached to cameras. The rules differ for a one-day shoot and a long-running project. For a quick gig, remove everything. On a prolonged shoot, you might leave IFBs attached—just remember to turn them off.

Producers and IFBs

Producers may be engrossed in meetings or busy supervising the wrap-up. For one-day affairs, ensure that you collect all IFBs. For longer-term projects, make sure the producers know to power them down.

Cables and Antennas

Whether you’re filming a blockbuster or a YouTube vlog, you probably have cables snaking around the set like vines in a jungle. Round them up! Don't forget antennas and other gadgets you've placed around the set.


Now, this is the Holy Grail of your checklist. Media files are the day's hard work crystallized into digital form. Ensure a safe handoff to the DIT (Digital Imaging Technician). It's smart to have your own backup solution too, just in case.

Charging Station

The day may be over, but your responsibilities aren't. Whether you're wrapping up for good or coming back the next day, ensure everything that needs a charge gets one.

Extra Tips: The One-Day Shoot vs. The Long Run
The One-Day Shoot

Pack it up: In the world of one-day shoots, what goes up must come down. You need to pack all your gear and make sure it gets home with you for charging.

The Long Run

Stash and Charge: On a longer-running show, you may have a dedicated place to stash your gear. Use this time to take inventory and set things on charge, so you're not scrambling the next day.

The Final Countdown

Before you rev up your engine or hop on public transport, take a moment to go over your checklist one last time. Are you 100% sure you've accounted for everything? Missing gear is not just an inconvenience; it can be costly and damage your professional reputation. Commence the idiot check...or a nervous as they call it in the UK.

So there you have it—the ultimate end-of-day checklist for filmmakers and crew members. Yes, the day has been long, and your bed is calling your name. But take the extra time to wrap up your day the right way, and you'll sleep better knowing you’re all set to do it all over again. Happy filming!