Glen "Turkey" Ackers

Turkey? When Glen was a kid in the 70's, Texas Turkey was his father's CB Radio handle. That magical little radio kindled his love of audio and electronics. The name has a crazy history that dates back to the Great Depression when folks in Texas got so hungry they'd eat an armadillo... yup... really. These days Texas Turkey is production-quality audio served with a side of friendly service.

Glen, aka Turkey, has spent 30 years in the industry, with 25 of those years dedicated to running audio. He has a diverse range of experience, including film, commercial, television, sports, broadcast news, unscripted, and corporate. Glen has mastered microphone placement, mixing, and recording and has worked in various cities across Texas, including Denton, Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Frisco, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

Glen has a great attitude and a passion for what he does, which shows in his work. He can always be counted on to be where he says he will be. Guaranteed. Glen's path may have been misguided at times, but he has always had a natural talent for capturing great sound.

Glen Ackers - Location Sound Mixer in Dallas, TX
Glen Ackers - Location Sound Mixer in Dallas, TX
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