Josh Coblentz

Meet Josh, a talented and driven sound mixer with a passion for high-adventure reality productions. Though he's one of the youngest mixers here at Vandelay Sound Exports, Josh has already made a name for himself in the industry, working on a range of exciting projects and network productions. Outside of work, Josh is an avid rock climber, soccer player, and cook, and he brings the same level of dedication and determination to his work on set. His greatest strength is his ability to learn quickly, adapting to new challenges and environments with ease.

Josh is always seeking new opportunities to grow and learn, both personally and professionally. He is excited to bring his skills and enthusiasm to every project and make a positive impact in the world of audio production. So, if you need a sound mixer who can handle the most rugged and challenging of environments, look no further than the one and only Josh Coblentz.

Josh Coblentz - Location Sound Mixer in Dallas, TX
Josh Coblentz - Location Sound Mixer in Dallas, TX
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