Stacy Velez

Stacy Velez began working with Vandelay Sound Exports, Inc. in March 2022 as an intern. After demonstrating her mixing prowess, she officially became part of the squad and wrapped up her first solo-crew show later that year. She holds a bachelor's degree in Media Arts from the University of North Texas, where she developed a passion for sound mixing.

As part of her role at Vandelay, Stacy is responsible for capturing clean audio for clients, assembling and logging equipment for upcoming projects, and is chairperson of the Sunshine Committee. She is known for her reliability and flexibility, which are essential skills in the industry.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her dog Bingo, playing video games such as Dying Light and Minecraft, and traveling. She has visited six different countries and hopes to explore more in the future. Stacy is always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow, both personally and professionally, and is excited to bring her skills and enthusiasm to projects in the production industry.

Stacy Velez - Location Sound Mixer in Dallas, TX
Stacy Velez - Location Sound Mixer in Dallas, TX
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